Home Building Tips

Before You Move In: The New Home Walk-Through

Your house is finally done and move-in ready. When construction is complete, your builder will take you through a tour of your home and go over some of the details. You will also receive a lot of instruction manuals that will probably overwhelm you, so when your face to face with your builder, bring up any questions that you have.

Your builder will go over important topics such as the operation of the house’s components, buyer’s responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep, warranty, and the larger community where your home is located (if you’re moving to a new area).

Make sure you know your responsibilities as a home owner. The warranty usually lasts for one year but will not cover repairs that are a result of a lack of maintenance.

When you’re inspecting the house with your builder, have a list of repairs and a timetable for when they should be fixed. This is usually easier for the builder to do when people are not living in the home.

Be thorough and observant during your visit. If you have more eyes looking around the home, the more likely that you will not miss anything important.

Never be afraid to ask too many questions during the walk-through. It is better to ask questions immediately rather than waiting.

Your builder will likely make two visits within the first year of owning your home—at the beginning and towards the end of the year for non-emergency repairs. Make a note of anything that you need to address with your builder that is not an emergency.

Source: NAHB