Lower Living Costs

Going Green

Many home owners and buyers want energy efficient homes. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ preference survey, energy management is at the top of the list of desired features in a home. After all, not only are these homes environmentally friendly, but they can also save money.

Technologies that can save you money on utility bills:

  • Automated HVAC systems: These programmable systems can adjust the temperature while occupants are away, but switch to comfortable temperatures before they return.
  • Water heaters with a timer: Can be turned off when no one is home and kick back on in preparation for their arrival. Consider the energy source. Natural gas is more efficient and will cost less to operate than electric.
  • Automatic dimmers: Adjusts based on time of day and occupancy. They can save you money on electricity bills and increase light bulb expectancy.
  • Blinds and drapes: Close them during the summer days to prevent the house from getting too hot. In the winter, keep them open to create warmth inside.

Home energy audits can show you what works efficiently and what can be improved.

  • Identify air leaks, which can save 5 to 30 percent of your annual energy costs.
  • Look for insufficient insulation. For example, openings around chimneys, pipes and ductwork should be insulated tightly.
  • Check that your heating and cooling equipment are insulated properly and look for evidence of leaks.
  • Switch to lower-watt bulbs where possible.

Source: NAHB