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How to Approach Open House Tours

When it’s time to start touring model homes or attending Parade of Homes tours, it is important to know what to look for. There are many questions you should ask when touring model homes. Make sure that you bring a camera and a notepad to every house you go to and leave no question unanswered. Here are some good questions to ask to get you started:

What appliances and equipment are standard with the home and what are upgrades or options? It is important to understand what type of heating equipment and appliances (water heater, stove, fireplace, etc.) are included in the standard new home package. Then you can decide which appliances you would have to budget for.

Are there any energy saving features? More and more buyers want energy efficiency. A home that has these types of features will save you money, so it is worth asking. An energy efficient home will give you peace of mind and perform better. Examples of energy efficient features are top quality windows, insulation and high efficiency appliances.

What is the builder’s policy and reputation for problems/defects after the home is built? There will always be minor repairs that need to be made after a home is built. Generally, builders will come back and complete a “punch list” to fix items like nail pops, etc. However find out what happens when bigger issues arise. You should ask about any potential problems in the home/development like a faulty foundation, roof leaks, sink holes, flooding, etc. Talking to other buyers in the same community can give you an idea of how well these issues are resolved.

What are the expected utility bills? Ask to see bills from an entire year for a comparable home.