Home Building Tips

How to Purchase and Install a Mailbox
at Your New Home

Installing a mailbox is often a forgotten step in the home building process, but there are important federal regulations to know and steps to take when installing your mailbox at your new home.

You can purchase your mailbox in the hardware section at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other home improvement stores. Their websites will also have mailboxes for sale, or you can buy them from other online retailers.

Make sure you know the federal regulations before installing the mailbox:

  • According to the United States Postal Service, your mailbox should be between 41 and 45 inches off of the ground and 6 to 8 inches away from the curb. This will allow the mail carrier to reach inside the mailbox without needing to leave the vehicle.
  • Your house number should be clearly marked on the mailbox with painted numbers or stickers no less than 1-inch high.
  • The box should be on the right-hand side of the road as traveled by the mail carrier.
  • Contact your local post office because some regulations vary throughout the United States.

Before you install the mailbox, make sure you call 811 to have any underground utility lines marked.

If you’re mounting your mailbox on a curb near the street, the support should be secure and safe. The best supports fall or bend away if a car hits them. Also, keep obstructions away from the mailbox; otherwise your mail carrier may not deliver your mail.

Regular maintenance on the mailbox is important, especially since it is exposed to the outdoor elements. Replace any worn or faded numbers or hinges, repaint, or remount the post if it is loose.