Home Building Tips

Must-Haves for Home Building

When building a home, it’s important to consider how your needs and wants may change in the future. By planning ahead, you’ll reduce the need for costly upgrades and repairs later. Here are some must-haves for building your first home:

Proper insulation: Proper insulation now will make it easier to find and repair leaks in the future.

Washer and dryer: Make it easy and convenient to do your laundry. A popular trend in home building is to move the washer and dryer upstairs where the bedrooms are located. Locate a water pipe or duct on the second-floor in case you decide to wait and install a second-floor washer and dryer later.

Cords and outlets: Think about where cords and outlets will be located so they can be hidden. No one wants to see cords hanging on the wall or sitting on the floor. Conduits are pipes in the wall that keep cords out of sight. If you wait to install them after building, it could cost thousands of dollars.

Heating and cooling: Properly install HVAC equipment to prevent high energy bills. Also, purchase energy-efficient equipment to save even more. And consider the energy source. Natural gas is affordable, comfortable and reliable. It can save you 50 percent or more over heating with electricity.

Large hallways and rooms: It helps to build wide-enough hallways so more than one person can fit through at a time. You’ll also want to consider that you may move large furniture around, which is difficult to do in tight spaces.

Storage: When planning, look for empty spaces that aren’t being used, like underneath stairways. Trying to add more room for storage in the future could be costly and affect your HVAC system’s performance.

Source: MSN