Home Building Tips

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Unique, comfortable outdoor spaces are one of the latest trends in home building. But outdoor spaces are not just for the warmer months anymore. Now homeowners want a space that they can use year round, regardless of the temperature outside. Here are some ways to make your outdoor space comfortable and stylish all year.

Of course, outdoor living always starts with the cooking, specifically grilling. Some homeowners want more than just a grill. Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity and include refrigerators, counter spaces and wine coolers.

Other appliances that can make your outdoor space cozy throughout the year are patio heaters and patio campfires (fire pits), both of which are available as natural gas options. These appliances will allow you to enjoy the outdoors far beyond the summer season.

Landscaping adds beauty and tranquility to your outdoor living space. Plants can make your outdoor area more private, and trees and large bushes can provide shade in the warmer months.

Finally, add furniture to complete your outdoor living space. There are plenty of options to choose from. These are some materials that are best suited for the outdoors:

  1. Wrought iron is best for furniture that won’t need to be moved around often since it’s heavier. It’s good for withstanding the outdoor elements, especially in windy conditions.
  2. Aluminum is lightweight and won’t rust. It’s also easy to maintain.
  3. Wood is a popular choice for outdoor spaces, but it does require more maintenance in order to prevent splitting or bug infestation. Denser types of wood are more durable and easier to maintain.

Decorate your furniture with cushions to make your space more inviting. The key to cushions is to leave them inside when possible, to avoid fading from the sun light or getting wet in the rain. The best fabric choice is solution-dyed acrylic if you want to prevent damage to the cushions. With the right furniture, your outdoor living space will feel like an extension of your home.

Source: Real Simple